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The True Path To Prosperity Doesn’t Allow Detours

Peggy and I make good use of our several timeshares in the course of our travels, and the place we usually stay when we are in Las Vegas is the Grandview on the far South end of town. During a recent stay there, I happened upon quite a ruckus involving the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 501. As it turns out, they are involved  what they described as a a labor dispute with Grandview, and they had set up a megaphone system near the front gate of the resort that played a recorded loop. It stated, “Know your rights! Visit!”

And, union representatives were nearby, handing out what was identified as a public service announcement that asked the question, “Was purchasing your Grandview Timeshare (those two words were in large, red type so they would stand out) the right choice for you?”

Another segment of the handout stated that people should know that as a timeshare purchaser, they have to right under Nevada law to cancel their sale within 5 days.

I was intrigued. From my point-of-view the union had set up an activity that was designed to have a negative effect on the sales of timeshares at Grandview, investing a good deal of time, effort, and funds to print the material they were handing out, set up the megaphone system, and develop the website that was designed to ‘educate’ people about the Grandview, it’s corporate structure, and the fact that they were (according to the union) not paying their facility maintenance personnel a high enough wage and not providing fair benefits. I was intrigued because it didn’t make sense to me that one party in a dispute that wanted a higher level of compensation from the other party in the dispute would want to negatively affect the revenue stream that would ultimately provide for the higher wages and benefits desired by the individuals who work at the facility.

So, I visited briefly with the gentlemen handing out the information, and our discussion eventually came around to their First Amendment rights to free speech, which one absolutely cannot disagree with, since it clearly states that there can be no law in the United States of America that abridges the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or interferes with the right to peaceably assemble.

And, from my perspective of discretion being the better part of valor at the moment, I agreed with them on the First Amendment issue without sharing what came to my mind regarding the Declaration of Independence. In that document, the idea that “all men are created equal” is discussed in the context that we all have the right to pursue “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

The reason this occurred to me was because I thought of the people who worked for Grandview and made their living selling the timeshares. When they were involved in taking their prospective buyers on tours, the nearby ruckus and distribution of a public service message was, without a doubt, having a negative effect on their right to pursue happiness.

My point is that while I absolutely support the efforts of anyone who desires a higher level of income while in pursuit of their  chosen profession, the effort to achieve that goal simply cannot be true and correct if it has a negative effect on others who are pursuing the same goal.

The true path to prosperity doesn’t allow detours. And in pursuit of the prosperity consciousness that allows us to experience the abundance that surrounds us always, we simply need to remember the fundamental and undeniably true and correct philosophy that whatever we fight against weakens us, while whatever we work toward will strengthen us.

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