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The Moon

Part of maintaining a prosperity consciousness is remembering that it’s easy for us to take things for granted sometimes…. like something as simple as the moon. For me, seeing a full moon is always fascinating. That is, when I take the time to remember that I need to look up…..just look up, that’s all…. at the right time, so I can enjoy it. There’s no investment other that tiny amount of effort on my part, and there I am, enjoying my full moon.

I realize, of course, that due to prevalent weather conditions in some areas, the big, bright full moon that I have the opportunity to enjoy overhead on a regular basis here in the desert may not be as visible elsewhere as often as it is here. I know that because I was born and raised in one of those areas. And I made a decision to leave there several decades ago and embark on what would become an odyssey that began with a two-year rehabilitation from injuries sustained in a truck crash. I say ‘crash’ because there are no accidents, only events that occur in our lives.  It was a decision made in the midst of trauma, stress, upheaval, and whatever other adjectives one could throw in to describe such a situation. But, it was a good decision.

I always get a big kick out of my moon; have for many, many years now.

Often, I even take the time to celebrate it with a nip of what I choose at the moment….it could be a Balvenie Golden Cask Scotch, a wonderful bourbon called Maker’s Mark 46, an 18-year-old Macallan Scotch, or a 18-year-old Jameson whiskey aged in a sherry cask. Not that I’m advocating alcoholic drinks here, but I’m of the belief that a high-quality scotch, bourbon, whiskey, or an extreme quality tequila if the mood  strikes you, are purposefully available to us to enjoy in moderation if we choose to do so.

And, when I enjoy one of those nips, it reminds me of where I acquired some of them. It could stir a memory of an enjoyable trip that Peggy and I took to Jalisco, Mexico, where there is some tequila that just isn’t available in the states. It could remind me of a voyage that took us to someplace where there happened to be an airport duty-free store that sold a particular whiskey or scotch that wasn’t available elsewhere. Or, it could be a memory of a fun tour of a bourbon distillery located in the great state of Kentucky. 

All those memories, and many others, came about in part due to a decision I would certainly have rather not had to make. But it had to be made.

A decision is simply a choice, and often it’s simply a matter of whether or not to do something. Most of the time, there are not many variables in major decisions; it’s either one way or the other. It’s not like trying to decide which color scheme to use in your bedroom where you’ll have a lot of different choices. It’s either to do, or not to do.

Sometimes, when people are trying to make that decision, it’s a difficult time in their life, which isn’t a prosperous time. And that’s not how it’s supposed to be. So, in the interest of giving you something to think about, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to make a to do or not to do decision, here’s one way to figure out what you already know is the right thing to do.

(By the way, I hope you caught that reference to already knowing above. In addition to remembering that it’s easy for us to take things for granted sometimes, another fundamental tenet of a prosperity consciousness  is that we already know in our heart what the right decision about something is, we sometimes just need a little help in going ahead in the right direction.)

I call it the two-step coin toss. That’s right, a coin toss, which I know conjures up thoughts of “Are you kidding me? You want me to make a major decision in my life by leaving it to the toss of a coin?”

Well, not entirely. Notice that I said that it was a two-step process. Here’s how it works:

First, use a coin that you like. It could be just a plain old quarter, dime, nickle or penny for you. It’s not a tough choice, just one that makes you feel OK about using it. I have a silver dollar that was minted in New Orleans in 1904. I found it in a second-hand store after Katrina, and since I have many fond memories of many trips to the Big Easy (and will have many more of trips to come in the future) it’s a keepsake for me.

Next, of course, decide which is going to be which as far as heads or tails….maybe “heads I do and tails I don’t” or whatever you choose.

Then comes the two-step process of the toss:

Step One: Toss the coin.

Step Two: Ask yourself how you feel about the coin’s ‘decision’. If you feel good about it, go along with it. If you don’t feel good about it, do the opposite.

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