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Mistakes Can Lead To Prosperity

For the most part, we’re brought up to believe that mistakes are always a bad thing; something to be avoided, sorry about, hidden if possible, or even ashamed about. But mistakes can lead to prosperity.

From both a business and personal perspective, for example, if we’re always striving to be the best we can be (shooting for perfection in everything we do), when a mistake made, brought up, analyzed, dealt with, and remembered as an example of what not to do next time, it is a valuable resource. It’s a true learning opportunity. Thomas Edison, in the process of developing a light bulb performed over 10,000 experiments that didn’t work out. A reporter asked him during an interview how it felt to have “failed” to that degree in the development of an invention.

Edison replied that he hadn’t “failed” at anything. What he accomplished, he said, was finding 10.000 ways that a light bulb wouldn’t work.

He considered each experiment to be a success because it proved something he needed to know, which means that mistakes are part of achieving perfection and success through exploration. In this process, mistakes:

….are not bad, they’re good.

….are not something to be avoided, but pursued.

….are not something to be sorry about, but celebrated.

….are not supposed to be hidden, but highlighted.

….are not supposed to be ashamed of, but instead, proud about, considered to be a motivator.

Once we get past our incorrect conditioning about mistakes, we can embrace them through our prosperity consciousness and see them for what they truly are.


Learn From Yesterday…..Live For Today…..Look Forward To Tomorrow