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The Moon

Part of maintaining a prosperity consciousness is remembering that it’s easy for us to take things for granted sometimes…. like something as simple as the moon. For me, seeing a full moon is always fascinating. That is, when I take the time to remember that I need to look up…..just look up, that’s all…. at the right time, so I can enjoy it. There’s no investment other that tiny amount of effort on my part, and there I am, enjoying my full moon.

I realize, of course, that due to prevalent weather conditions in some areas, the big, bright full moon that I have the opportunity to enjoy overhead on a regular basis here in the desert may not be as visible elsewhere as often as it is here. I know that because I was born and raised in one of those areas. And I made a decision to leave there several decades ago and embark on what would become an odyssey that began with a two-year rehabilitation from injuries sustained in a truck crash. I say ‘crash’ because there are no accidents, only events that occur in our lives.  It was a decision made in the midst of… Continue reading

The Love vs. Fear Philosophy

When you read The Course In Miracles, you find that one of the basic tenets it teaches is a concept that can be referred to as The Love vs. Fear Philosophy. From a fundamental standpoint, it explains that when someone is interacting with you, it is either out of love or fear. All emotions toward you from another individual, positive or negative, are, because they are either interacting with you in a positive way from a love perspective (not romantic love, but love from a brotherly approach), or their negative interaction toward you is based in fear. And, when I say fear, I mean any type of anger or personal or professional attack toward you, reporting you to others who may be in authority….whatever is negative….is because that person is afraid of something.

Have you ever had an experience in which a customer called you after they made a purchase from your business, and, due to whatever situation, they were angry, maybe even threatening toward you? …..(“I’m calling the Better Business Bureau and reporting you!…I’ll see that they put you out of  business!”) …..or something along that ridiculous line of conversation.

Well, like I said, they’re afraid of something.… Continue reading

Beyond Doors and Windows

It’s likely that almost everybody has heard the philosophy, “When a door closes, a window opens.” which simply reminds us that while it may seem at the time that something is going away,  it’s not productive to focus on that alleged loss, but rather, we should be expecting a new opportunity. It’s a true prosperity consciousness thought process, and I’ve always considered it with a little extra detail about the window; that being that we can’t just wait for a windy blast to shake the window. We need to be watching closely for a slight ruffle of the drapes so we’ll know that it’s time to take action and open the window.

I was reminded of my take on doors and windows when, during a recent road trip, I happened upon a radio show on Sirius/XM. The discussion was about people, and how your interaction with them in business or personal relationships will often play out in percentages. Here are the numbers:

Category A: 25% of people you meet and deal with will not like you, and they never will.

Category B: 25% of people you meet and deal with will not like you, but can be persuaded to… Continue reading

Mistakes Can Lead To Prosperity

For the most part, we’re brought up to believe that mistakes are always a bad thing; something to be avoided, sorry about, hidden if possible, or even ashamed about. But mistakes can lead to prosperity.

From both a business and personal perspective, for example, if we’re always striving to be the best we can be (shooting for perfection in everything we do), when a mistake made, brought up, analyzed, dealt with, and remembered as an example of what not to do next time, it is a valuable resource. It’s a true learning opportunity. Thomas Edison, in the process of developing a light bulb performed over 10,000 experiments that didn’t work out. A reporter asked him during an interview how it felt to have “failed” to that degree in the development of an invention.

Edison replied that he hadn’t “failed” at anything. What he accomplished, he said, was finding 10.000 ways that a light bulb wouldn’t work.

He considered each experiment to be a success because it proved something he needed to know, which means that mistakes are part of achieving perfection and success through exploration. In this process, mistakes:

….are not bad, they’re good.

….are not something to be avoided,… Continue reading

The True Path To Prosperity Doesn’t Allow Detours

Peggy and I make good use of our several timeshares in the course of our travels, and the place we usually stay when we are in Las Vegas is the Grandview on the far South end of town. During a recent stay there, I happened upon quite a ruckus involving the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 501. As it turns out, they are involved  what they described as a a labor dispute with Grandview, and they had set up a megaphone system near the front gate of the resort that played a recorded loop. It stated, “Know your rights! Visit!”

And, union representatives were nearby, handing out what was identified as a public service announcement that asked the question, “Was purchasing your Grandview Timeshare (those two words were in large, red type so they would stand out) the right choice for you?”

Another segment of the handout stated that people should know that as a timeshare purchaser, they have to right under Nevada law to cancel their sale within 5 days.

I was intrigued. From my point-of-view the union had set up an activity that was designed to have a negative effect on the sales of… Continue reading