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Beyond Doors and Windows

It’s likely that almost everybody has heard the philosophy, “When a door closes, a window opens.” which simply reminds us that while it may seem at the time that something is going away,  it’s not productive to focus on that alleged loss, but rather, we should be expecting a new opportunity. It’s a true prosperity consciousness thought process, and I’ve always considered it with a little extra detail about the window; that being that we can’t just wait for a windy blast to shake the window. We need to be watching closely for a slight ruffle of the drapes so we’ll know that it’s time to take action and open the window.

I was reminded of my take on doors and windows when, during a recent road trip, I happened upon a radio show on Sirius/XM. The discussion was about people, and how your interaction with them in business or personal relationships will often play out in percentages. Here are the numbers:

Category A: 25% of people you meet and deal with will not like you, and they never will.

Category B: 25% of people you meet and deal with will not like you, but can be persuaded to like you.

Category C: 25% of people you meet and deal with will like you, but they can be persuaded not to.

Category D: 25% of people you meet and deal with will like you, and they always will.

The main point of considering people in these categories and keeping that information in the back of your mind, I believe, is to help you always remember that when a relationship goes South, it’s not personal (for you, at least). However, it is, unfortunately, easy for us to find that thoughts otherwise creep in to our mind about situations we’re experiencing like this. After all, we’re human…..we wonder what we might have done wrong, who we may have alienated, insulted or embarrassed, while all the time we really know, not just believe, but know that we have, as we’ve always intended to, done things right.

Here’s a scenario….

You suddenly realize that in a business relationship, you’re being treated in a disrespectful manner, being ignored…. even being dealt with in a sneaky dishonest way…. despite the fact that the quality of the work you’ve delivering is, as it always was, excellent, and on the right time frame that enables the those you’re dealing with to accomplish their goals. And, of course, the reason that it is a sudden realization is that you were sure that the people that you are working with are Category D.

And so it creeps….a bit….a bit….a bit…..

But, then you remember to remember….

It’s impossible to know everything about an organization, even if you’ve worked with and had a relationship with them for a very long time. Things can change without your knowledge. It could be that there are some (or even one very powerful) person that’s Category A, and they have joined the organization. Or, they’ve been part of the organization for a while, and have managed to engineer things over time to their way of thinking in spite of your performance. The possibilities are endless, and none of them are your responsibility.

And so it goes; one day you’re in, and then one day you’re out, even if it’s only been a short time, or ten years, or even 20 years.  And, you remember to decide that no matter how long it’s been, or how good you’ve been and this shouldn’t be happening, or that the B’s there couldn’t be persuaded while the C’s were, or that even though there are D’s there, they have to stand by….. while you go about your business, you keep a watchful eye on the drapes.

Another factor regarding a prosperity consciousness approach to a situation like this is that it’s preparing you for something better. What seems like a difficulty, a negative challenge designed to do you harm via the disrespect, dishonesty, etc…, is actually an opportunity for you to become better and stronger. Remember the caterpillar. The process of overcoming the resistance of its cocoon and freeing itself is what gives it the strength to become a healthy, vibrant butterfly. If someone were to discover a butterfly just emerging from its cocoon, and decided to “help” it break free, it would not survive.

And viewing things through your prosperity consciousness in dealing with a situation like the one described above, remembering that it is, in fact, an opportunity that you don’t even know anything about at the moment, will give you the strength you’ll need to succeed and be open to receive the abundance that will be coming to you.

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