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Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Moon

Part of maintaining a prosperity consciousness is remembering that it’s easy for us to take things for granted sometimes…. like something as simple as the moon. For me, seeing a full moon is always fascinating. That is, when I take the time to remember that I need to look up…..just look up, that’s all…. at the right time, so I can enjoy it. There’s no investment other that tiny amount of effort on my part, and there I am, enjoying my full moon.

I realize, of course, that due to prevalent weather conditions in some areas, the big, bright full moon that I have the opportunity to enjoy overhead on a regular basis here in the desert may not be as visible elsewhere as often as it is here. I know that because I was born and raised in one of those areas. And I made a decision to leave there several decades ago and embark on what would become an odyssey that began with a two-year rehabilitation from injuries sustained in a truck crash. I say ‘crash’ because there are no accidents, only events that occur in our lives.  It was a decision made in the midst of… Continue reading