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Monthly Archives: January 2015

The Love vs. Fear Philosophy

When you read The Course In Miracles, you find that one of the basic tenets it teaches is a concept that can be referred to as The Love vs. Fear Philosophy. From a fundamental standpoint, it explains that when someone is interacting with you, it is either out of love or fear. All emotions toward you from another individual, positive or negative, are, because they are either interacting with you in a positive way from a love perspective (not romantic love, but love from a brotherly approach), or their negative interaction toward you is based in fear. And, when I say fear, I mean any type of anger or personal or professional attack toward you, reporting you to others who may be in authority….whatever is negative….is because that person is afraid of something.

Have you ever had an experience in which a customer called you after they made a purchase from your business, and, due to whatever situation, they were angry, maybe even threatening toward you? …..(“I’m calling the Better Business Bureau and reporting you!…I’ll see that they put you out of  business!”) …..or something along that ridiculous line of conversation.

Well, like I said, they’re afraid of something.… Continue reading