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Monthly Archives: August 2013

The True Path To Prosperity Doesn’t Allow Detours

Peggy and I make good use of our several timeshares in the course of our travels, and the place we usually stay when we are in Las Vegas is the Grandview on the far South end of town. During a recent stay there, I happened upon quite a ruckus involving the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 501. As it turns out, they are involved  what they described as a a labor dispute with Grandview, and they had set up a megaphone system near the front gate of the resort that played a recorded loop. It stated, “Know your rights! Visit!”

And, union representatives were nearby, handing out what was identified as a public service announcement that asked the question, “Was purchasing your Grandview Timeshare (those two words were in large, red type so they would stand out) the right choice for you?”

Another segment of the handout stated that people should know that as a timeshare purchaser, they have to right under Nevada law to cancel their sale within 5 days.

I was intrigued. From my point-of-view the union had set up an activity that was designed to have a negative effect on the sales of… Continue reading

Snobbery Isn’t Prosperity

It’s interesting to look up the origin and the evolution of the word snob.

Several hundred years ago in Europe, administrators at prestigious universities were careful to note next to the names of applicants that they considered to be “less than” the entry, ‘sine nobilia’, a Latin phrase that meant that they were commoners and not of a noble line. Of course, as it happens to many phrases over time, the notations were simplified to ‘snob’. And, yes, the original meaning of the word snob was to define someone who was not of means, poor, or not of good breeding. Somewhere along the line, the word took on the meaning of defining people who, because they had an opportunity for education and now felt that they were above those who didn’t have that opportunity, considered themselves of means, above others, or simply better than others in some philosophical way. Of course, they weren’t, but they liked to feel that they were.

Snobbery today is usually related to someone who thinks that since they have more money than someone else does, that it’s OK to look down on others as being “less than” in the same way that those university… Continue reading

Prosperity Belief Is Simple, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Easy

“When you believe in your ideas and abilities, and you trust in the Infinite Intelligence of the universe, you know that your thoughts and deeds will ultimately lead to a successful conclusion. You cannot fail.”

The above came to me via one of the emails I get daily, the particular one from the Napoleon Hill Foundation. It’s called their Thought For The Day, and you can subscribe to it free by visiting the Napoleon Hill Foundation web site at Many people consider Napoleon Hill as a consummate educator who focused on what is often labeled as “motivational speaking” relative to business success, but his books, teachings, and the foundation that was developed in his name goes beyond that to a fundamental element of developing a prosperity consciousness.

That’s what I think the above quote really means. Not just success in closing the sale, meeting the deadline, growing your business, or selling a business you founded for enough money to last you, your children, and your grandchildren for life, but believing that abundance is available and always around us….you simply have to believe that it’s there. However, simple doesn’t automatically equate to easy. If it did, there would… Continue reading