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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Prosperity In Music

One of the basic tenets of a prosperity consciousness is that you can findĀ  prosperity everywhere if you look for it. In music, Preservation Hall in New Orleans is one place you can experience true prosperity.

It’s not a grand venue that seats thousands for long-anticipated concerts. There are three 45-minute sets every night of the week, and the musicians come and go on a daily basis. TheĀ  mid-1800’s vintage building in the French Quarter only holds 100 people, and more than half of them have to stand because there are only a few benches to sit on, along with two rows of cushions on the floor in front of them. For reserved seating there are only two wooden chairs placed within arm’s length of the band and two small benches (for a total of only eight special seats). The floor is just plain wood that’s creaky and a bit weak in a few spots, and on the walls there is faded, stained, and torn wallpaper. Some of the wall area is covered with sheets of old, dull, brown pegboard, the kind of stuff you see in somebody’s workshop. The only air-conditioning the building has are several ceiling… Continue reading