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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Psychological Homeostasis

Sometimes negative thinking takes a lot of work…a lot more work than it takes to be positive.

Homeostasis is a term that has important meaning to medical practitioners. If their patient is in a homeostatic state, it means that they are healthy and that their body is fundamentally in balance with all of its systems functioning normally. Think of the old saying “In the pink”, which really means “in a natural state of being”; healthy, as nature intended.

When it comes to the way the human brain works, the term homeostasis also applies, but in a different perspective. What’s always going on with people is that they are comfortable if they are in a psychologically homeostatic state, meaning that once they have decided what the “truth” is about anything, they are driven to make sure that their situation matches their belief.

Here is a negative example:

A child in elementary school says, “I’m not good at arithmetic,”┬ábecause multiplication or division doesn’t come as easily to them as addition does.┬áSo, when they take a pop quiz on arithmetic, they handle the addition questions without any difficulty, but when it comes to the multiplication and division problems, they… Continue reading