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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Insperity Isn’t A Word, But It Should Be

An ad on T.V. caught my attention recently. It wasn’t because of the subject of the ad, which was about a woman who founded a non-profit organization and got help to develop and grow her organization from a consulting firm, but it was the name of that consulting firm….Insperity.

As it turns out, Insperity used to be Adminstaff, a company based in Houston that offers business consulting. They recently changed their name to Insperity, and their CEO Paul Sarvadi can be seen on YouTube explaining what the name means, and also stating that the term can’t be found in any dictionary because they “made it up!”

Well, Bravo for Mr. Sarvadi and whoever else was involved in renaming Adminstaff to become Insperity.

What a terrific word. It is a combination of the two words, inspiration and prosperity. The term that describes a word like Insperity  is portmanteau, a combination of two words that, when combined, makes a new word, and the process iteself is nothing really new and revoutionary. Many businesses have employed the portmenteau process in an effort to make their company more memorable in advertising and marketing. However, the new word usually does’t… Continue reading

Prosperity and Scorekeeping

I’m certain everybody wants as much prosperity as they can have. But, sometimes, when it comes to a person’s attitude toward their work or their job, something called score-keeping gets in the way of their prosperity.

Recently, I read a news report about a 10-year-old girl who had been put on a plane in San Francisco for a flight to a summer camp in Traverse City, Michigan.  Her parents paid the extra fee for a pickup and escort service, and were assured that somebody would be there to meet their daughter in Chicago where she was to change planes. Unfortunately, the independent contractor who was supposed to meet the girl didn’t show up, and she wound up lost in o’ Hare Airport for almost an hour.

The parents became aware of the situation and tried frantically to get help from United Airlines staff members during the terrifying time their daughter couldn’t be found.

Many people, when they read this story, have a reaction about many things. First, there’s the contractor who was hired to meet the girl, but then didn’t show up. Then, of course, there’s United Airlines, who you could certainly criticize for not monitoring the situation… Continue reading