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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Thoughts On Two Williams

Here at the MIE Instiute our fundamental belief centers around being properous, and experiencing the abundance that is always there for us to enjoy. And, part and parcel of being prosperous and enjoying abundance, of course, is having and embracing a belief system that allows for the natural process of prosperity flowing into and through our life.

That’s right, a belief system. A belief system that encompasses many facets, ranging from being either optimistic or pessimistic regarding the events that occur in our day-to-day lives, to a belief in ourselves and our abilities to do what we want and need to do…..and an element of that belief system that is often labeled as having to do with spirituality or religion. In consideration of that element, I want to share a fundamental thought I had about that when I considered two men named William.

We don’t know them by that name. Instead, we know them as Billy and Bill.

Billy’s path to prosperity began when he decided at some point early in his life that the key to his happiness was in embracing Christianity, and sharing that belief with other people all over the world. This ‘William’, of… Continue reading